Yamapi and maki dating

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But because there is no conclusive evidence, she is stuck with the "virgin" theory. However, in the entertainment industry, it's impossible for someone to remain a virgin at the age of 24.

A weekly magazine reporter has heard of industry staff who was associated with her and talked of her in bed.

I get annoyed when people talks about his bad acting or 'dead fish eyes'. Some people will say it his flaws, some will say it good.

I believe it's just the characters he's playing and also different image where Johnny's Ent. Yamapi very good at english, He is so calm, mature, knows how to talk, not overacting, funny, simple, natural, humble, and SMART. I'm waiting for the concert tour (EROP) i wonder what he will do. Acting, same like any kind of art out there is all about perception.

still keep waiting for more of his new act drama~!!!!! ^^Y I love his drama "Buzzer Beat"..keiko and him are really looked good together..i hope their would be buzzer beat season 2.not then i hope keiko kitagawa and tomohisa yamashita would have another dramas or movie together.. wah, ive just found this guy.too late, i dont recognize him at all. but i start watching some dorama like "buzzer beat" wow he is supper good in basket n cool. sí si, aquí tenes este, para que practiques el español que aprendes. si, aun en crecimiento constante, falta madurez, pero a falta de eso, lo cubres con ese...I also like him in dorama 5ji Kara 9ji Made with Satoshi Ishihara, this drama was so funny (romance comedy). Among all his dramas, I love Buzzer Beat the most bcs i like to see him with Keiko Kitagawa. The best scene in Buzzer Beat in episode 5 when they hugged each other at basketball court. Yamapi-kun is great actor and singer, I've been his fan frm years since he was in NEWS band till now I still really love him! Just keep on showing them what you truly are and that you are a great person. i spent most of my time watching dorama and end up falling for Yamapi, though I must admit his acting skill is still not that good, but HE IS NO DOUBT THE CUTEST JAPANESE EVER, i know i'm being irrational to love him just by his looks---but lemme say it one more time: DEFINETELY THE HOTTEST AND CUTEST JAPANESE EVER!!Now, i just finished watching Buzzer Beat even this drama in 2009. ♡♡( ; A ; ) I like his last drama from five to nine and close range love movie! But, i really really enjoy most of his dramas, he definetely got that "charm", ah, its hard to explain it in english, but I think he has talent for acting. x D I hope you make more drama in the future, i'll definetely be watching it all...!I've watched his old dramas nobuta so produce was my favourite! ( * o * ) I mean he's a Shinto priest who experienced love at first sight and eventually courted the girl everyday ! I can say the best drama of all dramas that Yamapi made. Not forgetting he is smart and hardworking, in his singing career and watch him on Kiss English program! This guy is possibly the only one that i can continue adore forever. But the imperfection is what makes him more believable and lovable.His English pronunciation might not be the best but he can converse in basic English and understand the language better than a lot other Japanese guests in the show Okay, I said I'm not a big fan but I'm starting to sound a lot like one now : D I'm not a big fan of Yamapi but I happened to watch a few of his dramas. When he act, he carried a bit of himself in all of those roles: the twitching lips, all the cute little gesture, the dark eyes, etc.

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