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Click the Help button in the Windows tab to open this User’s Guide.

Click the About button in the Windows tab to display version and copyright information as well as to access a link to the Common Look PDF Global Access document remediation software.

Click the third button from the left in the Windows tab to open the Metadata panel at the lower right side of the user interface.

Here, it is possible to verify: Throughout the course of verifying a document it is possible to open, close, and move around the various panels that are mentioned in this guide.

Here, organized by page, will be all of the elements in the document that are not tagged.

(Untagged elements in a document are also referred to as “artifacts.”) Click the arrow to the left of a page to reveal the “Annotations” and “Artifacts” folders for that page.

Common Look’s free PDF Validator uses proven PDF technology to deliver the perfect tool for testing and validating documents against leading accessibility standards. There are two checks that can be run on any PDF document: A “Structural” check and an “Accessibility” check.

Click the arrow next to “Standards” to open the checking options.

It’s the perfect tool for testing and validating documents against the leading accessibility standards.

Screen readers can use headings to navigate through a document similarly to how people typically use bookmarks.

For this reason, it is ideal to have the bookmarks and the heading levels match.

(Remember that reading order is a “User Verification” checkpoint.

To certify that the reading order is correct, click (or use the down arrow on the keyboard) to move through the tags verifying that the tag order follows the logical reading of the document as observed in the physical view.) An important distinction: In Acrobat, users can view the “Order” panel.

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