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And Astrid isn't even the slightest bit a fraud lol that is some crazy stuff. Heard he's actually not even staying here much longer and leaving.Well, as you know, that’s not true,” said Henderson. It was a fantastic play by The Legend, but you forget about my steal in Game 2 of the ’84 Finals.The Lakers were so stunned that Magic (Johnson) — Tragic Magic at the time — he ran out the final play, dribble, dribble, dribble.” Bird’s steal against the Pistons will remain one of the team’s great plays, simply because it similarly saved the Celtics in a series where they appeared ready to fall behind by an insurmountable margin.As he was into basketball already, he had also known a few tricks and skills from his father.However, he practiced longer hours in school and also played in many competitive games to improve his game.He was not a very bright student, but had good skills when it came to dancing and athletics with all the basics that are needed for the game like speed, power, jump and agility.

Henderson was born in Richmond, Virginia and attended Virginia Commonwealth University. '"As of 2006, he and his wife run a real estate business in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. was selected by the Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association in the 2009 NBA Draft.As a child, he was brought up in Caldwell, New Jersey, United States of America and as he was born in the house of a professional player.As a young man, he studied at the Episcopal Academy in Merion, Pennsylvania.Born on the 9th of December, 1987, he is currently 28 years of age.Gerald was the only kid in the family of a nurse mother who’s named was Marie Henderson and a professional basketball player father named Jerome Mc Kinley Gerald Henderson.

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