Who is diane warren dating

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As punishment, she was barred from seeing Beatty the following night. Warren Beatty and Hollywood icon Natalie Wood co-starred in Splendor in the Grass (1961) and began a torrid love affair.

Beatty allegedly drove Natalie mad with stunts like hitting on her sixteen-year-old sister and abandoning her at restaurants to go run off with the hat check girl.

Starting in 1960, Warren Beatty was hot and heavy with Joan Collins, an established actress. The relationship was serious, she got pregnant, they were engaged but she ended up getting an abortion and the couple fell apart.

She wrote a tell-all autobiography back in 1978 that spills all the juicy details.

At that time, the pattern had yet to be established, but within years it would be a rule: If you're a woman starring opposite Warren Beatty, you have to sleep with him.

As the story goes, Beatty ran into Leslie Caron at a party and it was lust at first sight.

She also went on to describe him as a very wet kisser. He has such active glands,” said Mamie, according to People magazine.

Warren Beatty and Julie Christie were a beautiful couple, and they were smitten with each other.

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If you're wondering who Warren Beatty has dated, we've got an attempt to give you the long and scarecely-believable story.The math is tricky -- if you figure Beatty had a 40-year run as a bachelor, he'd have to seduce a new woman almost every day over that entire time period (like God, he'd get Sundays off) to put up such an eye-popping total.There's little doubt that Beatty was Hollywood's most accomplished lothario, but there has to be some level of exaggeration here.Julie would forfeit roles in order to stay close to him, and he would publicly refer to her as his wife even though the two were never married.Christie’s friends all warned her of Beatty’s reputation as a womanizer and urged her to leave him.

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