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I know all husbands want to connect with their wives, and I can only imagine that you are hurting in your marriage. Head over to my husband’s site where you can hear a man’s perspective on all things related to a biblical marriage. When it comes to your marriage, where does it currently fall on your priority list?Putting forth the time and effort to love each other intentionally and deeply makes all the difference between a good marriage and a bad one.It’s hard to shift gears into feeling like a wife within minutes of an overwhelming and exhausting day.

And if you’re dealing with guilt and shame from your past, you need to be in constant prayer and communion with the Lord.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into the solutions here in this blog post. So, if you can relate to some of these issues, make sure you sign up to receive my future posts.12. To get them out and re-train them to sleep in their own beds would be like World War III, and it’s just not something that she wants to deal with.

Keeping peace with the kids is more important than having sex with her husband.

But after 14 years of marriage, that newness that was once there has diminished, and life has crept into our relationship. I often hear how many of them don’t have much of a desire to be sexually intimate with their man, and I have wondered what has changed for them.

You see, I personally do not believe that any new bride had intentions of avoiding or depriving her man of sex when she said yes to his marriage proposal.

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