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Navigate to your public_html directory by running the following command cd public_html Once there, type the following: vi .htaccess once that loads, hit your i key, and type the following: Options Follow Sym Links Once that is done, hit your Esc (escape) key, and type the following: :wq This will write to the .htaccess file, and quit.

Next, run the following command ln -s ~/tmp/webalizer stats you can replace the "stats" part of that command with name you want to use in order to access your website statistics. after that i cant even see my website till i erase the .htaccess file can someone show me their .htaccess file so i can see whats going wrong?

You can check the box for allowing Awstats override configuration files as well, so that users will have their own they can modify in their tmp folders.

With this, you'll need to verify into WHM Again, the Tweak settings and stats configuration are essentially the same setting, so updating one should update them both.

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In WHM Managing Stats You can set time exclusions to indicate when stats should not be running.If you already have data in your .htaccess, you will need to simply add that to the top of your .htaccess . Hi I've followed the instructions, and sure enough, when I ftp in I see the new "stats" directory under public_html but it is not "clickable", it's chmod' to 777 and I cannot change the permission, cannot access domain.com/stats either. well I solved it another way - see below: I set my accounts up so that you cannot ssh so I have to ssh into root. Our hosting infrastructure is designed from the ground-up to give your web applications the speed, performance and security they need to thrive in the 21st century.Right from the day this platform was conceived, our goal was to offer web hosting with a difference.

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