Vtp revision not updating

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The number of VTP servers should be chosen so as to provide the degree of redundancy desired in the network.

If you are using Token Ring VLANs, you need to enable VTP V2. VTP version 3 differs from earlier VTP versions in that it does not directly handle VLANs.

If its own configuration revision is higher or equal, the packet is ignored. When you add, delete, or change a VLAN in a switch, the server switch where the changes were made increments the configuration revision and issues a summary advertisement, followed by one or several subset advertisements.

A subset advertisement contains a list of VLAN information.

I’ll use the following topology: All interfaces between the switches are configured as trunks.The documentation clearly states that in VTP version 2 a switch in transparent mode will not inspect the domain name, but we can see from this test that it does appear to inspect the domain name and does not pass along messages that do not match its configured domain name. I will configure the same domain name on SW2, but leave it in transparent mode. Before you start configuring something in production or on a lab exam, be sure you know how it really works.that manages the addition, deletion, and renaming of VLANs on a network-wide basis.VTP version 3 is a protocol that is only responsible for distributing a list of opaque databases over an administrative domain.When enabled, VTP version 3 provides the following enhancements to previous VTP versions: When the switch receives a summary advertisement packet, it compares the VTP domain name to its own VTP domain name.

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