Virgo woman dating cancer man Live sex chat no faces

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You will also have to work at keeping intimacy alive, as there is potential for you both to curl up with a good book instead of with each other.

Cancer needs to watch out for being too needy, a Virgo man wants to feel useful and will protect you to the ends of the earth, but not if he is asked to give up too much of his independence too soon.

Virgo man and Cancer woman can become a formidable team of healers that those around you turn to when in crisis.

As long as Cancer doesn’t try to push Virgo into a commitment too early, this could be a happy long term bond.

Under that hard crabby shell is the softest sweetest soul imaginable and since you would never harm anyone intentionally, you put a lot of energy into protecting yourself as well.

The danger here is that you miss many opportunities for love because of your need to protect yourself from pain.

Cancer is an affectionate and sentimental sign, and that makes Virgo feel secure.

Your need for emotional and material security, sometimes makes you cling to unhealthy attachments.

They sometimes need to be coaxed away from their computers where they tend to indulge in action for its own sake and be reminded of the sensual and simple pleasures of life. Virgo men are loyal lovers who only open up completely when they feel safe and appreciated.

The trick with them is to keep your mystery intact and practice being detached, as they cannot stand emotional manipulation or signs that someone else is deeply insecure and needy.

The combination of a Virgo man and Cancer woman can be incredibly stimulating and comforting to both partners, as you both get underneath each other’s skin in the best way possible.

Sensitive water sign Cancer is subtle and not too forceful, and you are perceptive when it comes to the details that matter to Virgo, which suits a Virgo man perfectly.

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