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I think Verizon basic phones also lack LTE, so I would figure Verizon doesn't mind allowing feature phones and many of the older 3G devices.

While it's maybe not ideal from a consumer perspective, in Verizon's point of view it probably doesn't hurt to limit LTE activation to their postpaid service and have MVNOs like Straight Talk and Page Plus source their own 3G smartphones.

Here's a link to a list of MVNOs operating in the United States ... Speaking mainly about CDMA, Straight Talk (as well as Net10) have several approaches to their requirements.

They have their own branded CDMA phones (for the plan), then they have the CDMA BYOP deal, where you bring a compatible phone of your own (also for the deal).

Also, both of those America Movil companies have lower-line plans that require their branded phones for plans designed only for each respectively (the ST plan and the by-the-minute Net10 plans).

Those phones can be either "G" models (for GSM) or "C" models (for CDMA).

Since other MVNOs are reported to have different roaming capabilities than Page Plus, I'm not sure how that works on a Sprint phone.

The last time I looked the Straight Talk terms of service had not been updated for CDMA roaming, and I don't remember anyone confirming if roaming is actually available with the CDMA BYOP service like indicated on the maps. nav=shpcdma Verizon did introduce some 3G prepaid LG smartphones this year, but usually Verizon doesn't allow MVNOs to activate their prepaid phones.

Before that the last 3G smartphones from Verizon were released in 2011.

What kind of phone are you looking to use on Verizon?

Straight Talk does have a few phones that run on Verizon, and even allows BYOD as long as it's 3G only (no LTE phones) and not an i Phone. Then there's Page Plus, Selectel, Talkfor Good, and Next G.

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