Vb net datetimepicker validating

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Since it's a separate control feeding the datagrid, waiting for data validation doesn't help, as the wrong data is getting fed to the datagrid.I think probably the only real solution would be to recode the DTP as a class.I've even tried customising it - overriding some of its methods - again with no joy.You've found a workaround - using Lost Focus - when using the DTP as a stand alone control. In the context of a custom column in a datagrid, about the only alternative I can suggest to "user education" is to shift data validation from the cell level to the row level (i.e.Value, it still return the original value which does not match with the screen.

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If I use up/down key to modify the month, in Date Time Picker_validating, if I get Date Time Picker. I haven't tested it with a Date Time Picker in a Data Grid Column Style, but I can't offhand think why it should be different. Roger On second thoughts, I don't think the behaviour with a custom format is any different from with any other. In the analogous DTP situation cell-level committal seems to occur either when a cell is "full" (i.e.2 digits in a cell which will take 2 digits) or when a new cell is moved to (e.g.My question is - is there any way to modify value property of Date Time Picker so it will produce string that will parse thru Date Time. Thanks, Antonin Hi Antonin, Please use the Selected Date property of the Rad Date Time Picker directly in the Server Validate event handler instead of the handler arguments to implement the desired functionality.I have followed your scenario and prepared a sample project for you showing how it is done.

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