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Waiting for app to update new locations in Los Angeles. Worked the first few days after I downloaded the app and then it stopped working ...I’ve read s couple of reviews and I really hope the developers can add estimated time of grounding, location of container and the ability to change location for where I dropped container. I’ve tried using it and it won’t let me check in an empty box even when the box has been billed.Rather, it has everything to do with them as a person. To protect themselves from facing the reality of their true selves, the narcissist creates a mask, their ‘false-selves’, which is all about being beyond reproach.Maintaining their fragile make-believe world depends on reinforcing beliefs held that they are ‘perfect’.

As human beings, we have basic needs, to be loved and to belong.And being validated by others is an integral part of having these needs met. It is being present and supportive of another’s experience, by acknowledging their thoughts and feelings without attempting to change them. Appreciating emotional states of others however hinges on the capacity for empathy.In being validated we feel accepted by others and we also accept ourselves. Invalidation is the product of an absence of empathy, hence being a natural space for the pathological narcissist to operate from.UPGo allows truck drivers to pre-validate their scheduled missions to Union Pacific Intermodal Terminals.By pre-validating, you'll be ensured you're cleared to in-gate when you arrive. Currently available only for drivers registered with the UIIA.

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