Usps tracking not updating christmas

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When my spouse was incapacitated, a couple carriers even hand-delivered our mail to the house, rather than leave it in our mailbox across the street.

I have nothing but kind words about our postal workers - both the carriers and the workers at the local office.

When your package is out for delivery, the ornament lights up blue.

Red means the box has been dropped off and green will glow when the recipient has opened it. Well, using cellular technology and a sensor that determines when the box is open, the USPS can provide delivery updates in a much more festive fashion than having to check your phone on computer regularly.

While I acknowledge that UPS drivers are hard-workers with a lot of pressure, none of the drivers on our route have ever been very friendly; however, every USPS mail carrier on this route in 10 years has been beyond pleasant and treated our packages with care.These days, UPS is so much more expensive than USPS, so we use the post office.Plus, they have locations everywhere and their tracking has become more efficient. In order for me to UPS or Fed Ex a letter anywhere in the U.I understand why the recent price changes in postage due to the increase in packages from Amazon and online purchases and I can accept this. She promised to forward my concern to management so they could follow up. It tracked to my local Post Office 4 days later & was delivered on the 16th! I was having an issue with my change of address because I changed it twice within a month time span.I was expecting a Priority Mail Package that was sent from PA to AL on 1/7/19. When it did not arrive I signed up for their handy little tracking notifications. So, yes, even though it was late and a little stressful, they did what they needed to do to locate my package & get it to me! I called the USPS to make sure everything was ok and not held up.

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