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If you like to play with this non-integrated calendar you can go to my site use the Calendar link at the bottom of the Main menu.

The following things now need to be done to integrate the calendar into Moodle:1) there needs to be a script that creates a calendar for each Moodle user and one for each Moodle course and layers the course calendars into the user calendars.

Please update to this released version as it contains fixes related to auto-refresh (see TID 7015350 - Auto-refresh is not working Group Wise 2014).

A Group Wise domain directory contains a critical file, WPDOMAIN. Recovering a domain database from a backup tape that is more than a day old can result in serious synchronization problems with other domains. This process is explained in the section entitled "Understanding Object Ownership." For those familiar with e Directory, this object modification model might seem different.

This means that if for some reason one of your domain databases is damaged, you should recover it from tape backup or rebuild it, which is always done from the primary domain's database. With the help of Group Wise administration snap-ins, Group Wise objects in the WPDOMAIN. Whenever you administer your Group Wise system, Group Wise administration is connected to any one of the WPDOMAIN. This means the following: owns (as long as you have the e Directory rights to that object).

Make also sure that a firewall is opened for TCP communication on port 8500 (slap port defined in file) so TCP slaps from POA will reach Web Access which typically sits in DMZ.

Ideally, each Group Wise domain database has a record for every object in the Group Wise system.

The Group Wise replication model is different from e Directory in these two ways: Ownership is an important role because it plays a key part in ensuring that an object is properly synchronized across all domain databases (WPDOMAIN. Only the Group Wise domain that owns a particular object can officially approve a change to an object.

Users can include any number of these non-user calendars into their calendar, Web Calendar speaks of "layers".

So I propose that every course in Moodle should have a calendar associated to it.

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