Usc dating policy 100 dating sites in eastern europe

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Emergency Contact Numbers Know the national number to dial in case of an emergency in your host country. Your program’s resident director or university’s international students’ office often provides lists of emergency contacts as well as procedures to follow in various emergency situations. In the event of a security incident abroad, please contact your loved ones, the Office of Overseas Studies and your program Resident Director, so that they are aware you are safe and accounted for. International SOS also provides assistance and services to USC students in security and crisis situations. State Department Overseas Citizens Services website for more information regarding emergency assistance, resources, and next steps.The following are ways to reduce the risk of sexual assault and unwanted sexual contact.

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But in some foreign countries these very things may be interpreted as unintentional invitations or may be exploited by sexual predators.

In some cultures, a woman going out in public unescorted by a male could be imagined as a sign she is seeking unsolicited attention.

Before you go abroad to study in a foreign country you should familiarize yourself with the local customs surrounding male/female relations.

Go to “Health & Safety Issues A-Z Index.” Of special note are: “Sexual Harassment and Prevention in College Students Studying Abroad”, by Nancy Newport.

“Top Ten Ways to Not Become a Victim of Crime Around the World”, by Malcolm Nance and Lisa Hughes.

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