Updating iphone to new software issues

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Some people have gradually found some i OS 12/12.1 problems after trying the new software update. with lots of features, like Group Face Time, new Memoji, Measure app and Screen Time feature on Settings. Just try to turn Cellular Data off and on to see if it goes well.

Here in this guide, we’ve collected 28 most common i OS 12/12.1 issues people may meet, and listed the potential fixes to solve these issues. After the release of the i OS 12/12.1 public version, so many people rushed to get it installed on i Phone and i Pad to enjoy the features. If not, you can try the below basic tips we offer to solve this i OS 12/12.1 problem.

It’s getting stuck at half way in preparing to update. 😕 pic.twitter.com/yevc Hgf Ns5 — Vijay Verma (@vijayverma28) September 17, 2018 This is the similar issues just like the above.

Hey @Apple Support , i am trying to install i OS 12 on my i Phone 6S but there is some issue with preparing update.

Wi-Fi not working, can’t connect to Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi keeps dropping, Wi-Fi settings greyed out, etc.

are some of the common issues while trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network on i OS 12/12.1 devices.

And in this post, we collected these issues people met or may meet while/after updating to i OS 12 or i OS 12.1, and also put all tips together to fix these i OS 12/12.1 problems. According to a user’s report on Twitter, after she updated her i Phone to i OS 12/12.1, it seems got a bad battery life. My phone’s battery life has gone bad since I updated to i OS 12. However, after people updated their i Phone or i Pad to i OS 12/12.1 to enjoy the new camera, they found a camera bug. (This bug was fixed by i OS 12 final version) After updated their i Phone or i Pad to i OS 12 or i OS 12.1, people have found that the flashlight is not working.

This i OS update issue arises almost every release of new Apple i OS software update. Some users on Reddit have noticed that their Cellular Data is not working on i Phone after they updated to i OS 12/12.1. You can refer to this tutorial: Fix i Phone Alarm Not Working in i OS 12/11/10 to get more.But following the new software update, there came some errors and problems. The Pros and Cons Surely these i OS 12 and i OS 12.1 issues may include the ones we may never get solved, just like the bug “keeps popping up an update request of i OS 12” that users met. We have heard some users report that when they update their i Phone or i Pad to i OS 12 or i OS 12.1, the Air Drop is not working at all. (This Air Drop issue gets solved after update to i OS 12 final.) Nearly any i OS update comes with battery draining and device overheating issue. Way to go @Apple 🤬😤👎🏻 — Irrah Amor 🔥 (@airamlng) September 26, 2018 i OS 12 and i OS 12.1 come with the newest and most advanced camera effects.But as we found, most of the issues have ever happened in previous software in i OS 11 and i OS 10, and there are some potential ways to fix them. They cannot transfer contents from their i Phone or i Pad to other devices. This i OS 12/12.1 could not avoid this update problem, either. Users can add personality to Messages and Face Time directly from the in-app camera.

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