Updating dining room chairs

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You’ll want to flip the seat cushion up side down and then pull out all of the staples.

Then cut the fabric leaving about 1-2 inches extra on all sides.

Also, we thought glazing would bring out the intricacy in the detailing. There were two layers of fabric already, a green that we removed and this original gold color.

We lightly sanded each piece, primed and painted them using our air sprayer. Here are the tools you’ll need: Fabric scissors would work better, but I couldn’t find mine.

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Do you have an old dining room set that you would like to replace? This is step 1 of 3 in our redesign project – revitalizing an antique maple dining room set.

I’m still working on my own dining chair makeovers, so last night, I decided to take a look at some other before and after dining chair makeovers to see what other people have done.

It really is amazing what a difference paint and/or new fabric can make to update and brighten dining chairs that are looking a bit dull and worn.

Last but not least, attach the seats with the screws that were originally attached. Remember to stay posted to see the rest of this dining room set makeover. The tough part about this pattern is that you have to keep it in a straight line.We carefully made sure that each pattern was lined up the same way for all four chairs, too.The table is taking us longer than we expected and the hutch is almost done so we decided to break this up into 3 posts.First, the chairs had a nice design about them, but we didn’t like the color of the wood. Next, we headed to Hobby Lobby and picked out new fabric for the seats. Back I went with both little ones determined to pick the right thing. I am breaking the news about the hutch, but I decided to do it red so this fabric should hopefully tie everything together.

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