Updating air force education records

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Requests to correct 1) Military Service Dates, 2) Duty History, 3) TDY History, 4) Personal Data (i.e.

name, address, phone numbers, email address, dependants and marital status), 5) DD Form 214, 6) Points, 7) Awards and Decorations (Recognition), and 8) Performance Reports may be submitted, with applicable supporting documentation, by using the applications listed under the 'Tools' section below.

Registrar officials ask Airmen to contact their TCF specialists for testing updates and guidance if they are enrolled in the following courses: Squadron Officer College Course 20 and Course 28; any enlisted professional military education; CDCs; and any specialized courses.

The majority of the disruption to WAPS ordering and delivery actions will be in-house inventorying, tracking and processing, said Chief Master Sgt. "WAPS program managers at base levels are still able to request materials via a request letter as outlined in the WAPS catalog," he said.

The following are common types of TDY history: School Tour, Annual Tour, Deployments/Contingencies, Exercises, MPA/RPA Tour.

A primary but not all inclusive list of source documents that can be used for TDY history corrections are as follows: Personal information, to include name, address, phone numbers, email address, dependants and marital status (v PC Only), updates may be requested through the v MPF or v PC.

My Biz is the self-service module in the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System.

Instead of faxing their transcripts and waiting for someone to update their record, employees can now do it themselves.

-- Air University officials here are reporting some progress in the rebuilding of a computer system that processes a large piece of Air Force education after it crashed in mid-May."Airmen can contact their program managers should they have any questions or need assistance.The WAPS material will go out Air Force-wide to cycle 11E eligible personnel as normally scheduled, the only difference being that the material will be labeled and mailed 'by hand' versus automatically by the CDSAR system." A significant work-around to update personnel records was achieved recently, Colonel Zucco said."Working with the Air Force Personnel Center, the move of the CDSAR interface with the Military Personnel Data System to another Air University system was successful," he said."The nearly 3,600 transactions held in the queue when CDSAR went down can now flow to and update those military records.

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