Transas tx 97 updating guide

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You can manage your subscriptions and turn off the auto-renewal via the user's Account Settings.

If you re-subscribe, your new subscription will be automatically updated at the indicated price unless you cancel an update in Settings - Subscriptions before the subscription period ends.

This means that all newly purchased chart folios will include a correction service available to you all year round.

Whenever you choose your next sailing destination and purchase the chart folio through the Chart Store, you will see the subscription end-date for your correction service under the folio name.

To receive subsequent chart corrections for your purchased charts, you will need to subscribe to annual updates in the Chart Store.

*NOTE: i Tunes will charge payment after confirmation of the chart correction purchase.

The uniqueness of this project is that it is the first time when Inland ENC’s were used to produce TX-97 folios.

State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine provided 158 Inland ENC’s and 114 ENC’s covering territorial waters of Ukraine in Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

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Each quarter when new charts are added to our World Folio discs, they will automatically be licensed to the customers regions and folios.We hope you enjoy this update and improved version of i Sailor! The application uses the TX-97 format marine vector charts, rated among the best in the industry.Download your free version of i Sailor on i Tunes or Google Play i Sailor was developed by Transas, the innovative, digtial solutions company, now part of Wärtsilä.The Transas TX-97 charts database provides global water surface coverage and is updated from Notices to Mariners issued by Hydrographic Organizations in different countries.The Transas TX-97 World Collection currently consists of more than 17.000 vector charts.

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