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The interior designer, Syrie Maugham, wife of writer Somerset Maugham, used Gluck’s paintings to enhance her creations which brought further fame and more commissions.When Gluck’s father died in 1930, it was the younger brother who inherited the estate as the eldest male heir.Angus Mac Lise was brought back in as drummer, with Maureen [drummer Moe Tucker] switching to bass.According to [guitarist] Sterling [Morrison], Angus realized what a mistake he had made in quitting the group and hoped to be allowed back in.It’s possible Sterling Morrison sang some of the songs, too. Gluck was born into a very wealthy Jewish family on August 13th, 1895 in London.Another unique moment happened when Moe Tucker switched from bass to guitar for “All Tomorrow’s Parties.” of their lead singers, but remember that it’s unlikely anyone in the audience had even heard the band before, and the group was just one element of the spectacle that was the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. The first born, a daughter who was expected to grow happy and demure and marry a most suitable husband—someone who would make the family proud and strengthen the business. Early photographs show a long-haired girl staring fixedly at the camera with defiance and dreams of another life.Another excerpt from The success of the band’s Chicago dates at Poor Richard’s provided a revealing glimpse into Reed’s usually well-hidden insecurity. This life came with a growing interest in painting and drawing and a desire to be an artist. The Glucksteins were half of the business empire Salmon & Gluckstein, owners of (what was claimed to be) the world’s largest tobacco company, a selection of hotels (the Cumberland, the Trocadero), and the famous Lyon’s Corner House tearooms, which were a staple of British social life from the 1920s-50s—see Graham Greene’s novels for details.

And I remember distinctly Lou turning to Angus and saying, ‘Just remember, this is only temporary.’ Like, ‘Don’t think you’re coming back into the group.’ In addition, for the Poor Richard’s shows, John Cale became the Velvets’ lead singer, also playing viola and keyboards.

Though they’d received some notoriety at this early stage, the Velvet Underground were still largely unknown.

Once back in NYC, Lou Reed was admitted to a Manhattan hospital, having contracted hepatitis.

Back in the hospital, Lou’s paranoia was fed with catty gossip. Yet, Gluck’s parents indulged their daughter thinking this trifling passion for art was mere whimsy, a passing phase. Instead it proved to be three years that changed Gluck’s life and confirmed a startling talent and some deeply held ambitions. Together they eloped to Lamorna, Cornwall to an artists’ colony. This was not the kind of thing a good Jewish girl was supposed to do.

They blamed Craig as a “pernicious influence.” Yet still, when their wayward daughter reached the age of 21, Gluck’s father supplied a trust fund which ably supported the move to Cornwall, where Gluck bought a studio.

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