Teens hook up waps

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The most common number of lifetime partners reported was—get this—.A lot of young people are more selective about sex than you (or their peers) might think.Sex is transactional; two people can make a deal to have sex without expecting anything from each other.But this “sex is purely physical” message isn’t necessarily true.

They may do things sexually (say, have sex or give oral sex) because they think they’re “supposed to” or to avoid disappointing a boyfriend or girlfriend.You can give kids much better information than what they get from screens and peers.You can’t keep your kid from hooking up if that’s what they really want to do.There’s far less dating, at least of the going-on-a-real-date variety. Bear in mind that the term “hooking up” can describe a wide range of behaviors.It may be oral or vaginal intercourse, or it may be just making out in the corner at a party.

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