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At the Computational and Systems Neuroscience (Cosyne) conference in Utah in February, 15 experimentalists and 15 theorists and data analysts pitched their talents in a speed-dating-style event.Each pair chatted for three minutes to figure out if they had potential for a scientific spark and then moved on to the next candidate. So, with upcycled pin-stripe pants, overall crop-tops and asymmetrical dresses as an aphrodisiac, the Dutch jean brand Hardeman hosted an all-inclusive speed-dating experience called "A Day in the Feeld" at LA's 50m concept store to unveil their latest collection.The hands-on launch was a collaboration between Hardeman and non-monogomous dating app Feeld, which is specifically designed for those interested in "polyamory kink, and alternative sexual preferences." Audience-members, as well as performers and models decked out in Hardeman's swirly, sustainable Canadian tuxedos were paired to take a chance on each other.Which is at least one reason to check out former Rescue Chef Danny Boome's "Speed Plating," which launched in New York last August, his first foray into the dating world (personal life excluded).For 0, Boome serves four courses, which promise to be anything but boring, to paired-off singles — the first event was held at Tree in New York City's East Village — each dater switching to the next after every twenty-minute course.

DB: Yeah, and you don't have to pay for any of them.

Giovannucci originally proposed the speed-dating concept in jest, but the idea quickly caught on.

Within 24 hours, the Simons Foundation team had put together the event, hosting 13 experimentalist-theorist pairs. (Because of time constraints, only the first 15 from each group were invited to participate.) Each indicated the type of relationship they were seeking, from the scientific equivalent of a brief affair — “just give me your data” — to those ready to commit to a “long-term, back-and-forth theory/experiment relationship.” Participants certainly had a lot to talk about — at the end of each round, most were reluctant to move on to the next candidate.

And Colm and Mark, who own the place, are really good hosts. ESQ: Anyone you wouldn't suggest participate in Speed Plating?

DB: If Pauly D or the Situation wanted to come to something like this, it's not the place for them.

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