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Stephen Chow Sing Chi and heiress, Yu Wenfeng’s, ten year relationship may be over.The pair started dating in 1999 and Wenfeng helped Stephen manage his film company, Star Overseas.Wenfeng advised Stephen to invest wisely in various real estate properties that resulted in millions in profits. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.By using the Jayne Stars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.The press dubbed Wenfeng as Stephen’s auspicious star.

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Talking about marriage, while he may not have proposed to any woman, at least none that we know of, he was, however, proposed to by actress Christy Chung after he was denied Canadian residency in 2001 but rejected the proposal.Besides the fake report, Stephen Chow is very well alive and healthy.He continues to delight his fans across the globe and would continue to entertain for years to come with his creativity, action, and humor.Therein, he gained popularity as well as garnered several other TV roles.With his new found fame, it wasn’t difficult for him to evolve into the movie industry.

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