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I don’t think most good things in life, like having a child or getting a really good job, are rewards for righteous behavior in a reward/punishment scheme.

It’s not helpful to think of life that way.” “Thinking in the longer picture, can be helpful in not being so destination- or outcome-focused.” Practice thinking long-term.

Many students are used to having their lives set out for them. If or when that doesn’t happen, they get discouraged or think something is wrong with them.

When Erickson talks with students who feel this way, he tries to normalize this feeling and help them realize that there isn’t anything wrong with them.

“This is where individuals start to find people they want to commit their lives to,” said Erickson.

Marriage doesn’t instantly transform you into a perfect individual.

Mark Ogletree, a licensed family counselor, said, “When couples first get married, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling marriage is a destination.

They want to have ‘arrived’.” Ogletree said that these couples need to understand that good marriages result from hard work, dedication and overcoming failures.

Healthy relationships come because two individual people are walking a path of wholeness together.

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