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We don't care about your ethnicity, culture, religion, political views, WE RESPECT THEM ALL!

While some groups only want people to join who are of the same age, same gender or same ethnicity, we want a DIVERSE group of people.

Others were groups that anyone could start with a social media platform subscription, but they don't know how to build a group of people and get them to attend events.

More importantly, they do not know how to form a community of people - they just post hang out events. When we schedule a Dinner event, it is likely to be one of our signature Rotation Dinners.

Come to a public event to meet them before you join!

Our attention to details gives us a 'leg up' on other groups as we pride ourselves on our creativity.

Why would you want to hang out with people who have shown a propensity for wrong-doing? There are several Speed Dating and groups exclusive for Singles in the Phoenix area.

Even when they do RSVP there can be over a 60% flake factor, meaning that if 10 people RSVP, you are lucky to have 4 show up.

We thought it was time that the people of the Phoenix area had a quality group of professional people to meet and enjoy the best of what Our events are planned with our members in mind. At those, you rotate seats five times, once for each course, so that you can meet lots of fun people!

How many people do you know that live in the Phoenix area who have never visited the Grand Canyon? Most groups just have a dinner and you get "stuck" next to the same two people all night. Going to a festival is not a good way to meet people and have conversations to find commonality.

Remember when you do your search that the BBB is a service that people pay to get Meetup Groups.

There are several Meetup Groups in the Phoenix area that are run fairly well. Meetup has become a platform that anyone can post 'events', which many times turn out to be a DJ trying to get people to his club, a lonely person trying to get someone to do something they want to do and sometimes they are well-intentioned, but no one RSVPs.

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