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Built for the unique needs of small teams and small businesses.

Intervals is used globally by web developers, marketers, system administrators, consultants and a variety of businesses that need to control their workflow and easily report where their time is going.

In fact, 90% of Rwanda computer users, can’t tell that Facebook, google, etc.

are like any other website, but running a social network script and is open-source(free software that can be modified), any website can become like Facebook, etc.

In most cases, Go, LLC is not the registrant of domain names listed in this database. Try to avoid using the abd tags as it is counted obsoleted nowadays for using it for presentation.Each group is fully customizable using x HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.PHPizabi is one of the most powerful social networking platforms on the planet.The mantra SMART Rwanda, being peddled by computer novices, is just a conceptual innovation by tweeter,facebook, etc.consumers, and not Rwandan computer scientists that understand the art of writing and house keeping computer code.

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