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She's there because she exchanged text messages with an undercover police officer earlier that afternoon.He asked the price for "full service." She responded like she was supposed to: 0 for oral and vaginal sex.Anger and mistrust — the very qualities that helped them survive such dangerous conditions — have put them at odds with the caseworkers and care providers who tried to help.Then they're thrown into juvenile lockups that either don't recognize their trauma or don't have the resources to treat it. But for a brief moment, Sarah's looked promising: The system worked like it was supposed to.Sarah said the towels were bloody because she sometimes cut herself when she was upset.

If a girl starts acting up or pushing boundaries, everyone at Freedom Place — from counselors to cooks to maintenance workers — is trained to be a calming presence, not to shout or lecture.

In part because of the skilled detectives working the case, Chris pleaded guilty, so Sarah never had to go through the ordeal of testifying against him in court.

She also had access to the only specialized treatment center Texas offers child sex-trafficking victims: Freedom Place, a rare facility that has raised enough private dollars to care for up to 20 of the state's estimated 80,000 child sex-trafficking victims at any given time.

The time she didn't want to have sex with Chris and he raped her, saying he shouldn't have to ask. "They come across as a bad street kid because that's what they've had to do to survive," said Chuck Paul, a former Texas child welfare investigator who is raising money to build a new shelter for trafficking victims in San Antonio.

Sarah eventually says she's willing to take a sexual assault exam to help collect evidence against him. "These kids are like, 'Everybody I've ever trusted in my life has always written me off. '" Trafficking victims have learned to operate in constant survival mode, which throws the decision-making part of their brains into chaos.

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