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(“KK” to the locals), will give you a chance to update your rockabilly wardrobe at the Tip Top Atomic Shop (2343 S.

KK) or peruse the vinyl at Rushmor Records (2635 S. I also recommend indulging in local coffee at Hi-Fi (2640 S.

Brady St.), make a pilgrimage to the aptly-named Landmark Lanes to bowl a game or two (2220 N.

Farwell Ave.), and work on your tan at Bradford Beach (2400 N. If you have some coin to spend, you can take in the view of downtown while savoring a locally sourced meal at Roots (1818 N. (If you’re broke, you can get basically the same view for the price of a steep climb up onto the old reservoir in Kilbourn Park.) A drink at Hybrid (707 E.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we’re going to show you a good time.

And although you might hear a few prim grumbles over the church bingo table about “the gays,” our pretty relaxed, live-and-let-live attitude means that Milwaukee is a comfortable place for queers.

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Center St.), and get a quirky cocktail or local beer at the member-owned Riverwest Public House (815 E. If your DIY skills have lost their gleam, you can polish them up at the Cream City Collectives with Free School classes in anything from container gardening to American Sign Language (732 E. East Side The East Side, particularly Brady Street, Brewer’s Hill, and the area around the UW-Milwaukee campus, are progressive districts where nobody’ll hardly bat an eyelash if you kiss your girl over brunch.There is also an after-party at a genuine LGBT bar.(Milwaukee is a big-little town, so it wouldn’t hurt to let Sapphic Adventures know you want to be looped into whatever is happening with an email to [email protected]) Ladies’ Night Out First Saturday of each month, September through May.Brady St.), one of the few gay bars not located in the Walker’s Point bar district, is a nice way to start an afternoon stroll down Brady Street, an 8-block stretch of stores and restaurants in what used to be the city’s hippie hangout.Bay View Bay View is a hip neighborhood on the lakeshore south of downtown.

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