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It’s super awkward when older girls cry, and it’s awkward when girls rushing cry. At some point, you will be so tired or so moved by a particular philanthropy, that you will cry; and that’s okay, just try to move past it and back to what you love about the house you’re in.So make sure you bring enough dresses or rompers to last the entire week.

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It gets to be a lot if you aren’t used to 1500 girls piling onto buses and waiting in front of houses.

The days are long and hot, and you need to maintain your energy level so you can have good conversations with all of the girls rushing you during recruitment!

We love talking you through our specific sorority, and it shows us that you have an interest, which is a big deal.

Just smile and choose a topic you enjoy talking about.

Most likely the older girl you are talking with will have a common interest; and if not I guarantee someone else in the house does.

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