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Its length is only 13.4 cm, the maximum outer diameter is 4.3 cm at the rear, the touch hole is struck irregularly, ca.2.5 x 3.6 mm and located 1 cm in front of the rear end, the 'bore' at the slightly swamped muzzle is 2.7 cm but I am sure that is was not drilled, just fire-wrought.Its touch hole is situated on top, near the rear end of the barrel, drilled or struck quite small and round, with no special accentuation to it by either a hollowing or a raised wall, but for the first time in history that oldest barrel does show another criterion: a flat brim or swamping of the bronze at the muzzle section where reinforcement makes sense.The rear end is rounded, unlike that of a vase which is of course flattened to provide a stand.Forces commanded by King John I of Portugal and his general Nuno lvares Pereira, with the support of English allies, opposed the army of King John I of Castile with its Aragonese, Italian and French allies at So Jorge place, between the towns of Leiria and Alcobaa, in central Portugal.The result was a decisive victory for the Portuguese, ruling out Castilian ambitions to the Portuguese throne, ending the 138385 Crisis and assuring John as King of Portugal.On a close second view, however, each barrel does provide further criteria that have proven their reliability in 40 years of my own research studies.With those four decades of my work in the back of my mind, I now feel sufficiently reassured and wish to finally share my dating criteria as there are more relevant factors to barrels than merely touch holes. From both the illustrations in the Holkham (1326) and Christ Church (1326-7) manuscripts by Walter de Milemete, we are familiar with the basic vase-shaped round copper-alloy (bronze) barrels which marked the very beginning of firearms. 1300 in the Museum of London, if one neglects their handles, denote the everyday use of that basically obsolete Romanesque sense of style. 1340-50, has remained the only real firearms find to prove that those illustrations were quite exact.

I'm afraid though that most of them were crudely altered and transformed to little noisemakers like firecrackers and saluting guns (German: Bller) in the Alpine regions for the centuries to come.), and looking down the length of the bore one can clearly see where the center of the drill entered the bottom.A very similar but heavier and longer barrel with the very same touch hole criteria is in Fernando's collection: 1400 'Nando, my dear friend, could you please check the bore of your barrel whether is has been drilled, if it is also of irregular diameter at the barrel walls, and if the drill has left a pointed mark on the bottom?If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ.Canada | United States | Balt / Wash DC | Chicago | Florida | Miami | Los Angeles | New York City | San Francisco Bay Area | Seattle | Tampa Bay Area | Toronto | Texas | Southeast | Westcoast | Midwest | Northeast Namaste!

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