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My husband and I had been happily married for nine years when he started acting strangely. RELATED: After Her Husband Had an Affair, She Thanked Him--and Her Reason Why Is Jaw-Dropping My friends were beyond upset. He felt horrible about what he'd done and that made it worse. I felt I'd been forced to go from being a happy suburban wife to a 40-year old single chick looking for men.

First, he bought a timeshare and a truck without discussing it with me. At first I thought it was depression; we'd both turned 40 a few weeks before. One night he didn't come back from happy hour until the next morning. Now we've both moved on--and he's apologized--but at the time it was very painful. I really resented being put in that position and I resented some of my friends, who just couldn't fathom what it was like, regardless of how hard they tried.

Yes, dating scammers do exist, but the good news is that this fact mustn’t scare you off as they are quite easy to detect.

They use standard patterns in their schemes, so if you’re careful enough, you’ll suspect something. However, the most notorious scammers on dating sites come from Eastern Europe.

Jump4love scam cares about the safety of its users and presents 3 internet dating scam stories reading which you’ll learn from other people’s mistakes. I want to share my sweet sad story on a dating site. After my first marriage failed, I decided that I deserve to be happy with some other woman. I told her directly that she comes across as a scammer. She was 24, much younger than me and it was flattering she got interested in me.

I registered at this site and already next day I received a letter from her. I’m not a gullible guy and I know if a woman writes to me first on a dating site, she might be a scammer. She sent me her childhood photos and some photos of her family to prove that she is real. The airline confirmed that she canceled her booking. She told me many sweet things and compliments, and my heart melt.

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Then, My Wig Fell Off Finally, my friend Sophie invited me to dinner and convinced me to sign up with

Scams happen even on this site, but they are rather an exception than a rule.When these scammers receive many replies, they have to reply to some and ignore the others. Scammers know how to choose the right moment for a request.The second category of scammers is pickier and more delicate. Once they know that trust is gained and a man is in love and ready to do many things for “her”, there comes the request for money.My sister set me up with a truly sweet guy whom I honestly cared about. I wasn't over the divorce and we didn't have much in common.And we didn't have the same sense of humor, which was a deal breaker for me.

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