Rules for dating a non musician

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You can create a simple one- or two-page handout that you give to each person as you hire them, covering such things as: Some small business owners may find it appropriate to include more detail regarding other common workplace issues such as solicitation or selling at work, English-only rules, and employees' political and off-duty activities, including moonlighting.

Be sure to begin your list of rules with a statement like the following: "It would be impractical to set forth a list of all activities that are considered to be illegal or contrary to good business practices and good employee-employer relations.

If you have very few employees, generally the circumstances of each situation will be sufficiently different that discriminatory treatment or wrongful discharge will not be an issue.

Only you can be the judge of which way to go on this issue.

contain a sample of general work rules that you can use as a guide in creating your own set of work rules.

You may add or subtract from that as needed, but remember to make sure that each rule is reasonable and that each rule is appropriate.

Specifically address insubordination, workplace violence, gambling, arrested or jailed workers, and employee theft in your work rules as needed.

You may decide to explain why you have chosen specific rules for inclusion, and you may even assign a point system to offenses (much like a system of demerits).

Many employers have rules that protect them from liability — both legal and financial — and give them more freedom in managing and disciplining employees.

Having formal work rules in your business, even if they're not required, are a good idea because they can help you protect your business from litigation and maintain a high quality of work life for your employees.

You need to make sure that your employees understand what is expected of them, not only in the work that they do, but in their behavior and in other areas of your employment relationship.

This is intended only as a guideline." All your rules should be reasonable and clearly related to the safe and efficient operation of the business.

In general, it's not necessary to say that things like stealing, insubordination, or competing with your business are prohibited.

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