Rihanna dating again

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The singer confirmed they are dating in a 2018 issue of Vogue.For now, there’s no confirmation if they are still an item.With more than a decade spent under the spotlight, Rihanna Fenty’s love life has basically become almost more popular than her fabulous career.We have seen her fall in and out of love with men who are not just musicians like her but from other areas of life.

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That’s why we are thrilled that she had her private photos stolen…Ready to see this singer’s devious ways?Out of all the female celebrities that were victimized by these people, we have to say we were most ecstatic about Riri’s collection.Most of the other women were vanilla-flavored, if you catch my drift. The last tour Rihanna was on, she impressed the hell out of us with her hot performances on stage!In a matter of seconds these leaked selfies will get your cock throbbing so fucking hard!You guessed it, her i Cloud account was hacked by those fappening dudes.

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