Restart google chrome to finish updating loop

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Option 3: Transfer and restore Windows 10 system image to current PC with a stucking screen To restore your Windows 10 and remove the stuck screen of restarting, you can also apply Ease US Todo Backup to transfer and restore a healthy Windows system to your PC with below guidelines: Install Ease US Todo Backup on a new and healthy Windows 10 computer and use it to create a Windows 10 system image backup to an external hard drive. Create an emergency disk on a healthy computer To save your time and energy, we'd like to suggest you create an emergency disk to a USB or external hard drive rather on a healthy computer with Ease US Todo Backup. Connect an empty USB flash drive or external hard drive with over than 100GB space to your PC. Run Ease US Todo Backup on the healthy computer and click "System Backup" on the left pane. Choose the Windows OS and specify the USB flash drive which contains the emergency disk as the destination disk to save system image.

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Hope the fixes above already fixed your problem, because this is the last chance you could stop Windows 10 computer getting stuck in 'Restarting' screen.

From professional MS technicians and experienced Windows 10 users, we get to know that the restarting problem is with our very old Windows Update files, which updates itself every time while a new update is trying to install on our computer. One user said that he fixed his computer stuck in restarting by unplugging all USB devices from the machine, and then booted again by cycling power.

By which he successfully past the spinning circles on the black screen.

The $ chrome --headless --disable-gpu --repl --crash-dumps-dir=./tmp https:// [0608/112805.245285:] Type a Javascript expression to evaluate or "quit" to exit.

, it starts an instance with the Dev Tools protocol enabled.

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