Red light cam chat

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Red light cameras have demonstrated a reduction of right angle collisions at intersections.

The Region of Peel is planning to add more red light cameras in the near future.

To accomplish that, the cameras flag when a driver runs a red light, processes their license plate and mails them a citation. While the cameras do a decent job preventing some crashes, like cars getting t-boned at an intersection. A number of studies have found the cameras lead to an increase in rear-end collisions.Red light cameras cause people to slow down: drivers know that the camera is there and if they try to go through red light they'll most likely get photographed.This awareness helps to lessen the accidents and injuries at intersections.While red light cameras present murky and debatable safety benefits, they have proven to be profit centers for cities that use them.Officials in Chicago and Fremont, California both came under fire in recent years for shortening the time of yellow lights to trigger more citations as people are given less time to stop at quickly changing lights.

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