Psychology only child dating

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I know this can come across as slightly bossy, but when it comes to projects at work or school, it can be a great thing: I’ll always take the lead!And I’ll often do more than my fair share so I can see things through.As an only child (and the child of an only child), I’m aware of my bad reputation.Spoiled, selfish, and antisocial are just a few adjectives usually associated with “onlys.” And l admit that when the question of siblings comes up, I go on the defensive: “I’m an only child, but I’m not weird, I swear!But the idea that only children are automatically bizarre or bratty just because we don’t have siblings? Single-child families have become increasingly common (making up about 20 percent of American families), so it’s likely you’ve worked with, are friends with, or maybe even dated an only child.

Ah, it all makes sense: My life is already under a microscope at home; I don’t need it picked apart on social media too.

In fact, I think being an only child helped me focus even more on friendship.

Since I don’t have siblings, I’ve worked hard to develop and maintain close friends as sort-of substitutes. It’s a classic introvert trait, but I think my love for alone time also stems from growing up as an only child.

The myth of the “peculiar” only child originated in the late 19th century, when a psychologist surveyed more than 1,000 kids (only 46 of whom were only children) and deemed sibling-free children more likely to be “ugly, poorly behaved, and stupid.” Unforunately, this stereotype has stuck around for more than 100 years, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary—including a large study that found only children have no disadvantage when it comes to social skills.

Let’s be real: , a large amount of research shows “singletons are no more spoiled than the overall population.” Which isn’t to say we’re not any less materialistic than others—nowadays, most parents (59 percent according to one poll) admit to spoiling their kids, regardless of how many they have.

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