Pre op ts dating

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She considers a guy a chaser once it becomes obvious there is " the date is off, period.

She considers him a gynophobic a-hole and that is that.

A lot of men who are interested in trans women are ashamed of it and won't want anything public (from my experience).

With my boyfriend, he was hesitant at the start and for about a year didn't feel comfortable giving me oral sex or touching me there (I had no problems using my penis and had no genital disphoria).

Now when you're preop, you can get away with being 5/10 because you have that uniqueness that is not as common in cis women.

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When I was dating, I think honestly being post-op did help, though it's hard for me to make a direct comparison.For me personally and this is a very shallow thing but it's very very realistic and true, for a trans woman pre op or post op to be successful inc cis het dating, it's all about looks and personality.You have to look really above average to make sure men would be willing to overlook your medical history.She says "I'm not going to be anybody's fetish, experiment, or side dish, I don't care if he'll openly take me to Arby's or not, fuck him, or rather ." It got to the point where she tried to date guys by pretending that her penis did not get erections anymore and that she didn't like being touched there.Despite getting prior warning, she says the amount of guys who would try to fondle, suck or otherwise manipulate her there were probably around 3/5. Now her friend who is post-op considers it easier to date.

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