Playfire not updating

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They should be capturing and catering for that “attitude” to gaming that sets the PC gaming community apart from other platforms.

It simply cannot be converted to a closed platform.

There is quite a bit of promise in UWP (even for gaming), but Microsoft will have to execute and sustain at a previously-unseen level for the platform to rival Steam.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has a terrible record when entering markets that are already dominated by a competent competitor…

In a Windows 10 update that will be released "later today," Microsoft is finally adding support for uncapped framerates to apps on the Unified Windows Platform.

This update also gives UWP titles support for Nvidia's G-Sync and AMD's Free Sync technologies.

Most of us know far, far better than to do anything other than steer well clear.

The only reason you don’t need to install a client is because it’s built into the operating system. Not that Steam is a large program or that installing it is some kind of problem. But all of them get games from the windows 10 UWP store, and like the way they install, uninstall, and update.

It might not have been at all visible with all Windows store games tuned to mobile devices, that will not stress PCs much, probably even considering integrated GPUs. Now getting around sandboxing for mods, savegames and overlays is probably more tricky, but I am sure they can develop some API that would allow it without breaking UWP’s advantages.

So what does UWP bring to the table that could possibly convince a Steam user to buy outside of Steam?

It appears game developers will need to add the necessary switches to turn on these features in their games, too.

Redmond does say that should get support for these features "in the very near future," though.

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