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Both making the effort, sharing details of our life and interests. ] when we met the third time - he was all for staying the night! And we were good together in bed - he was incredibly sensual - and cuddling for hours - I'm a woman who craves physical contact and this was wonderful.He's long and lean - I think of him as my 'galumphing guy' - and very tactile too - happy to kiss and canoodle in public and hidden corners - got very heated when clothed in a park - and he made me feel like a teenager again - it was wonderful! He thought I had a higher libido than him, yet he's a 'stayed' himself and breathtaking with his tongue!he was a well dressed, secretive, hard worker who does well at what he does. Opposites did attract, he was very techniqued in his sex, but I definitely did enjoy it.He always left me wanting more, and as a Pisces woman I didn't push the subject or nag him.As a Virgo man who doesn't like to much sappiness or emotion I think he appreciated that I didn't follow him around every time we did it.

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Opposites do attract and sometimes it's a good thing!But one weekend, he was confirming his arrival time and already planning when we could meet again, according to his shift work pattern, which pleased me on that occasion.Other times, he joked about me bombarding him with texts in reply to his one - I have a lot to say!I'd invariably call him when I got a text, too, which he'd joke about.Along the way, I realized I'd fallen for this Virgo man, despite him asking me not to ["Well, don't - I'm too far away"] when I voiced halfway into our relationship that I could have a problem about this aspect.

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