Parenting dating teen

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There will be times when you can see your teen hurtling towards a mistake that will lead to them getting hurt.

It’s hard to stand back, but your child will not learn without making mistakes.

The mistakes your teen may make, could haunt them for a long time and they should be aware of it.

A private photograph that your teen sends to someone can easily be made public and to devastating effects.

Be there to talk to them, hug them and pick up the pieces when they are hurt.

Help them learn lessons from their first forays into the world of teen dating.

It’s almost impossible for them to imagine that you were ever a teenager yourself and can understand anything of what they are feeling.

Teens are notoriously secretive, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart.

When our children enter the world of teen dating it’s a scary prospect, fraught with questions and worries.

How can we help them navigate their way safely through the pitfalls they might face and support them when their hearts get broken?

We all know how easy it is to be swayed by a girl or boy you really liked as a teenager.

It can quickly lead to making unwise decisions and doing things you later regret.

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