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Fifteen minutes later, my date walked back in and sat down with my friend!Turns out we both scheduled dates with the same guy who used different aliases on different sites.Apparently, he had issues with disapproval and couldn’t finish without me telling him the simple letters “OK.” I never responded.I had been chatting with a guy on Yahoo Singles for a while, and we got along fairly well.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

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I almost gagged when I realized they had matched me up with my brother! " –Johanna, 29 Fur Real "I wasn't having any luck on the big dating sites.

Online dating can be a fun experience and is a nice way to meet people.

Now that online dating is becoming more common, people don’t have that stigma.

Finally I asked one guy why that was such a popular question, and he replied, 'Well, this is a dating site for furries'—aka people who get a sexual thrill out of dressing up in animal costumes!

I was mortified and signed off immediately." –Ali, 23 Dating Amnesia "I went on a date with a dude I met from Match a few months ago, but we didn't really mesh.

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