Nc dating laws

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In determining the amount, duration, and manner of payment of alimony, the court shall consider all relevant factors, including: In contested child custody cases, custody placement is determined by the best interests of the child.

Your support ID is: 11839405564674839368 If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact support at [email protected] call the help line at (866) 755-9991.

If the court finds that domestic violence has occurred, the court shall enter such orders that best protect the children and party who were the victims of domestic violence.

If a party is absent or relocates with or without the children because of an act of domestic violence, the absence or relocation shall not be a factor that weighs against the party in determining custody or visitation.

To file for a divorce, either spouse must have been a resident of the State of North Carolina for at least six months next preceding the filing of the complaint.

The divorce proceedings will be in the county where either party resides.

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