Nathalie kelley dating

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they really wanted to switch it up and make it more accessible to a modern-day audience.They knew they had to diversify this, because the original is so homogenised, white, homophobic and racist.But then Rafael de la Fuente [who plays Sammy Jo] was cast and he's from Venezuela, and he's so passionate about what's going on back there, that got us all excited and Sallie [Patrick] too, and then she wrote it into the show!She pitched it to me and said, ' How do you feel about Cristal being Venezuelan?Behind every overnight success story is 10 years of hard work.I think they had a specific formula for the part they wanted to write for the show, but as the show has progressed I've noticed little bits of Nathalie infused into Cristal.Kelleys mother is a Peruvian and her father is an Argentine.

Yeah, it's pretty much the same crew, so I feel like I've been working there for two years instead of one!From her young age, Nathalie always dreamed of being an actress.Nathalie Kelley is an Australian by nationality and belongs to mixed race ethnicity as she is one of half Peruvian and other half Argentine by descent.Kelley dated Dallas Austin, an American songwriter from 2007 till 2013. Nathalie Kelley's current boyfriend ( as of April 2017) is Zach Roerig. Nathalie Kelley's estimated net worth is million.

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