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Have an affair" became "Find your moment" -- after the hack.

This week, the Toronto-based Buell is making the media rounds, armed with a new independent Ernst & Young report showing 5.7 million new accounts on the site in 2017 and a ratio of 1.13 active females for every active male on the site.

Last year was the first since the hack that Ashley Madison saw "substantial growth" in its user base, Buell said, adding that its 2017 revenue grew 5 percent globally and 16.7 percent in the US compared to 2016.

He declined to state the privately-held Ruby Life's 2017 revenue figures or profits, but in a July 2016 Reuters interview, former president James Millership said it expected about million in revenue that year, with a 35 to 40 percent EBITDA margin (a measure of profits, standing for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization).

Brazil, the company's new report claims, saw an average of 138,865 new members per month in 2017, second only to the US.

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It's been a little under three years since the dating service for extra-marital affairs was hacked by a group calling itself the Impact Team, exposing the personal data and billing information of over 30 million customers -- including users who spent on a "paid delete" option for their accounts.

The Ernst & Young report also verifies that the bots are gone.

Buell attributes the company's growth to targeting "attached" users -- those in committed relationships -- who are mostly in their forties and form 70 percent of Ashley Madison's customers.

But post-Cambridge Analytica, post-Snowden, post-data breaches of Linked In and Yahoo (which is owned by Engadget's parent company, Verizon), the public is even more skeptical about data privacy than it was three years ago.

Making any comeback tougher was the revelation that the site was riddled with female bots to draw in male users, which formed part of the FTC probe.

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