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Razor: If you like using razor, then what better place is it to use it than your bathroom?

I’m sure you all keep a razor in your bathroom, again it saves time, use it when you are taking bath and don’t ever use a razor on dry skin, that way you would be getting more cuts, scratches and rough skin!

Body Lotion: You should always keep a bottle of body lotion in your bathroom and use it after patting your skin dry!

This way, the lotion absorbs better and keeps the skin moisturized for the rest of the day!

Summer Bath Essentials Hi Girls, Today I would be guiding you on the basic summer bath essentials you need to keep in your bathroom to deal with the hot summer season and keep your skin fresh and soft.

Girls keep hundreds of things in their makeup kit, in their handbag, in drawers and every possible space but what about your bathroom?

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If not then let’s move on to read what you should keep in your bathroom to make your skin summer ready!Espectáculo pornográfico anunciado a la entrada de una shop."The discrimination begins even before they are born," she added.India offers free care to newborns in more than 700 state-run hospitals that are dedicated to treating babies."We have seen even at malnutrition centres that more boys are brought in than girls," said Narendra Gupta, a public health expert in northwestern Rajasthan state, which records high rates of female infant mortality.Use a body lotion with SPF after taking bath, you know you will be facing the sun ahead in the day, so use a SPF body lotion but don’t keep a lotion with a pump dispenser in your bathroom if you are taking bath with warm water as bacteria can seep in through the pump of the lotion bottle and then back onto your body which is really unhygienic, you wouldn’t want that, right?Body Mist/Body Spray: Body mist smells amazing, will keep you fresh all day and comes with moisturizing properties which will moisturize your body lightly with every spritz as well as will leave a sweet girly touch of scent which stays quite long than a regular deodorant!

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