Lincoln dating

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The girls also decide to go on strike until Lincoln ends his, but Lincoln still refuses to back down.He (and his sisters) only end their strike when they realized that Lily was missing from her crib.Later, Lori accidentally breaks Lincoln's video game, and doesn't initially apologize.

In "Sound of Silence", since they all have an equally tough time finding quiet time in their home, they would then show him the consequences as payback, but they receive punishment as well.

In "Predict Ability", they kindly express not believing that Lincoln is boring.

In the "Food Fight" game, he has a food fight with his sisters. Like his other siblings, he detests when she's too bossy to them, but she deeply loves him, although she doesn't admit it.

In "Heavy Meddle", it was revealed that his sisters have a tendency to meddle in his affairs when he doesn't want them to, and believes they'll make everything worse.

An example was when they all took care of him when they thought he was sick, but all he had was a paper cut.

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