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We operate from the standpoint of people who’ve been free (or at least subjects of generally benign monarchs) as far back as our cultural memory goes.

On behalf of all my cultural cousins, I am sorry for those of you who are descended from matriarchal hunter gatherer societies that couldn’t effectively resist the slave merchants, but I can’t change history any more than you can.

Like the concept of “white privilege” (which, conventional wisdom tells us, that “whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege”), the first rule of Urban Progressive Privilege is “I don’t believe there is such a thing”; it’s the water in which the Urban Progressive swims.

So I have begun in an untutored way to ask what it is like to have Urban Progressive Privilege.

I put the Wb Srch search engine back online in March of 2018.

I spent a lot of time improving it over the 16 months, but it’s the sort of thing that always manages to demand more time and energy.

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Being able to caterwaul about privilege is a prerogative of the privileged.

(Although watching liberals heads exploding over the Kennedy retirement might just be a better display anyway).

Our hearts are breaking from the news of the tragedy in Midland & Odessa.

My theory; in a nation full of “privilege” – class, racial, academic, social and, let’s be honest, the privilege of being born here rather than Russia or Nigeria or Burma – Big Left needed to focus on racial, “white” privilege to whip up black votes for Hillary Clinton, a geriatric white plutocrat.

As a result, all discussion of other “privilege” is off the table.

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