Jennifer love hewitt and john myers dating

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Though their chemistry was really intemideting the pair saperated in one short year.

John in one of the interviews with playboy compared Jessica as sexual napalm as well.

John Mayer after saperation from singer Taylor Swift got involved with another pop star Katy Perry.

Ketty and John both were going through tough days after john broke up with Taylor Swift and Katy's divorce.

People claiming to be friends of the actress have told Star magazine that she finished the affair after discovering Mayer, 31, spent hours on the networking website, despite telling her he was too busy to get in touch with her.

The source said: "John suddenly stopped calling her or returning her emails and when she would finally catch up with him, he'd say: 'I've been so busy with work.

The couple was hugely rumored to be together through 2005 till 2006.

John after two consiquitive heart brakes in a single year with Rhona Mitra and Nick Lachey he dated another hot singer from hollywood Jessica Simpson.

John Mayer was linked with the hot british model and actress Rhona Mitra back in 2005.

The couple was talked about not only for their ongoing love life but was gossiped about the age difference between them as well.

Taylor and John had about 15 years of age difference which was one of the many gossips that web splashed every now and then.

And believe us, the list gets hotter and hotter with every next girlfriend that appears on the list.

Without further delay, we present all affairs of John Mayer right from today's column of the article.

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