Jackson rathbone and ashley dating

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Stewart has several other films in the works including “Underwater,” “Against All Enemies” and “Charlie’s Angels.” As for her personal life, Stewart is dating model Stella Maxwell.Robert Pattinson- Edward Cullen Like his on-camera lover and off-camera ex, Stewart, Pattinson has also been busy taking on roles on the big screen since “The Twilight Saga.” Pattinson is currently promoting his upcoming drama “High Life,” which stars him as a man living in space with his daughter.The actor recently shared about his sister Makena’s health troubles on Instagram.Nikki Reed- Rosalie Cullen Nikki Reed has slowed down on her acting gigs in recent years.Kellan Lutz- Emmett Cullen “Guardians of the Tomb” and “Speed Kills,” two movies co-starring Lutz, just released this year, and the actor has at least one other movie in the pipeline.

Taylor Lautner- Jacob Black Since “Twilight,” Lautner landed several films and TV roles, but it doesn’t appear he currently has any public projects lined up.

The movie follows Welch as a man who returns home to confront his demons and to help his mother, played by Lin Shaye, following his father’s death.

The film premieres at Screamfest in Los Angeles on Oct. Welch is also currently working on the films “The Detective” and the drama “My Mom Is Dead.”Anna Kendrick- Jessica Kendrick had a small role in the first “Twilight” film but she’s arguably one of the busiest cast members in Hollywood today.

The actor shares son Monroe and daughter Presley with his wife of five years, Sheila Hafsadi. Carlisle Cullen Facinelli has starred on his fair share of TV shows over the years, from “Supergirl” to “Nurse Jackie.” Currently, he plays Michael Plank on “S. The romantic comedy “Breaking and Exiting,” which he directed, is available in i Tunes.

Elizabeth Reaser- Esme Cullen It appears Netflix is about to have another hit on its hands and Reaser is a big part of it.

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