Is dating two guys at once ok hiv and dating and classifieds and not

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So you go on another date with an equally amazing man. However, it is important to keep in mind that you have not committed to any one of them yet – so stop beating yourself up too much regarding the issue. Be happy that you have two guys who make you feel special – you have the power of choosing.

You tell yourself to take it easy – you try not to become too obsessed with this one guy. After all, you have not made it official with either of them and so there is no question of being exclusive to each other. 1) Manage your guilt: Unless you are VERY open minded and have been in open relationships before, you’ll feel at least some degree of guilt, especially if you are sleeping with both of them.

The two men are quite different – Tim has dark hair, dark eyes and is very creative and quiet.

I like that the two men are opposites and I got on so well with both of them. My second dates were both fantastic and that’s when I realised I needed to make a decision if there was going to be a third date – which man did I want to spend most of my time with?

Right, and no longer just screwing around, there’s no point spending too much time and energy on just one guy at a time. I also know this is NOT for everybody, so if you can’t handle it emotionally – just dismiss this post all together.

w=1200&ssl=1 1200w" sizes="(max-width: 499px) 100vw, 499px" data-recalc-dims="1" / A question I’ve been asked about recently is how to go about dating two guys at the same time. Not everybody may agree with me on this – but when you’re REALLY looking to meet Mr.

It is easy to control the damage during a normal conversation.

However, if it happens during sex, you are screwed – and not in a good way.

Just until you can make a decision.’ I thought it sounded ridiculous and I’m not the kind of girl who could have two men at once.

The way I saw it, I might as well play the field a little bit and see who was out there as I’d been alone for so long.

My date with Mark was just as great as my date with Tim and he also asked me on a second date.

The matter will not solve itself unless one of the guys flies off with another bird.

As ironical as it may sound – this might leave you hurt.

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