Intimidating legal letters to threaten suit dating pottery

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After complying with the order, you have three choices: do nothing more, appeal the order, or, if a hearing is scheduled, prepare for the upcoming hearing in which you will have an opportunity to be heard and to present evidence. See if the sender has clearly explained the legal basis for her arguments that you need to stop the activity described.

Refer to our sections on Responding to Lawsuits and Finding Legal Help in order to decide which choice is best for you. Other sections of our legal guide, especially the Risks Associated with Publication and Intellectual Property sections, may help you understand the terms used in the correspondence.

Refer to our section on Finding Legal Help for resources to use in making this determination.Determine whether the letter relates to material posted on the site by a user. Review the situation and the facts Once you have a sense of why the correspondence was sent, write down everything you know about the situation, including: when you received the correspondence, the nature of your actions that triggered the sender’s letter, and any relevant interactions you’ve had with the sender.However, if the sender sues you for not complying with her letter, you may have to provide this summary, so keep to the facts only and don’t include your opinions about the situation. In the course of your research and fact gathering, you will probably come to one of three conclusions: Go ahead and draft a letter or email back to the sender explaining why you think your actions are appropriate.If the sender does not provide a legal basis for her claims or if you are unable to understand what it is she is saying, you should request clarification.Determine what law the sender is using to support her arguments.

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